The scalable, customizable Party-To-Earn™️ platform turns any experience into a rewarding game - from birthday parties to conventions or festivals. Attendees earn experience points (XP) for engaging different people and activities (presentations, exhibits, demos, tournaments, performers, booths), visiting certain areas of an event, or completing a series of tasks (a "Mission").

Complete “Missions” as a solo player, or “Party-up” with friends for bonus XP and rewards. Attendees earn rewards when they accumulate enough XP to “Level up.” Crypto and NFT rewards, whatever is assigned in the system by the subscribing event host, can be claimed through the Party-To-Earn web application with a wallet connection.

NonFun Friends NFT holders, “Friends of Friends”, and subscriber attendees will be among the first users who can download the mobile application and accumulate XP.


Reserve your spot today for free access to the Party-To-Earn™ Alpha Trial with ongoing exclusive privileges & perks as early adopters. *Your info will never be shared and you’ll receive no more than a single relevant update each month.* The MVP is slated for alpha trial in Q1 of 2023.

Party-To-Earn™ is a subscription-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that empowers event promoters and community founders by adding value to all stakeholders of events, from attendees and vendors to speakers and sponsors, closing some well-known value gaps by incentivizing increased interactions and creating enhanced networking opportunities.

The app features an event homepage for subscribers that can only be accessed by ticket holders. This feature acts as a digital event guide that can be fully branded and customized with the floor plans, event program, sponsor descriptions and links, and more. Social and engagement elements like group chats, leaderboards, scheduling, polls, and surveys will also be available to attendees.



Subscribers assign experience points (XP) to various activities at their event and determine digital asset rewards such as NFTs, tokens, and redemption codes for each event level. The rewards can be assets loaded into the system by the subscriber and/or the $NONFUN token.

When attendees check-in for the event with the application they can start earning XP.

As the attendees message each other and move around the event scanning QR codes, the data is curated so organizers gain valuable insights: who interacts with who/what, in what order, and for how long? This can help organizers plan for their next event and highlight activities attendees preferred to engage with.

The Party-To-Earn app not only encourages attendees to interact with each other and every element of the event, but allows for safe onboarding into cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web3 (if it’s new to attendees).

Are you a community founder or event organizer looking to add value to your community?