Empowering Immersive,
Rewarding Experiences


Strengthening Nonfungible Friendships

Genuine relationships matter. NonFun is on a mission to bring the metaverse explorers out from behind their avatars to connect on a deeper level - minting 1:1 nonfungible friendships through rewarding immersive experiences.

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Supporting organizers, founders, and community leaders in building immersive, fun, and engaging experiences for their communities. We offer support services from planning to marketing, and production, while leveraging our expansive industry network as Web3 natives.

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Play is human nature, so why not incorporate gamification in any experience?

With Party-To-Earn™, organizers, founders, and community leaders can reward attendees for engaging various activities, people, booths, presentations, exhibits, or any other program element. Events just got a lot more fun!

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